… I would like to thank the entire SPLN Sanatorium team for their truly human, personal, and welcoming approach, which is not a matter of course at medical facilities today.

My husband and I have already gone through several reproduction centres after many years of trying or “trying”. They were big and small, super modern and a little more conservative, and I admit, we relied on having chosen the best offer and on the best results of the success stats … from their websites.

So we’ve gone to them all, but … we did not succeed. Success did not come; we did not improve their stats. We do not get angry with anyone, we do not blame anyone for anything, they all wanted to help us.

Maybe once again, the old folk wisdom came true, the fact that it is not all the gold that glitters … It is about the fact that important things are to be chosen not just with reason, but especially with emotion. Personally, I rarely get mistaken by my first impression, and this was confirmed in the SPLN Sanatorium. It is a cosy and friendly environment that appeals to people who, with their little scared soul and full of expectations, come to be helped in satisfying their strongest desire. And they come at a moment when they are truly desperate, so what they really need most is kindness, empathy, and the feeling that “we’re three of us in that case” – just like the SPLN Sanatorium has it in their logo.

My husband and I believe that, thanks to this approach, we are finally in the earnest so much desired expectation of our first descendant and, although there are still some months for us left to be waiting, we are enjoying it very much.

We wish the SPLN Sanatorium to make many couples happy in making their desire come true and that they do not change their well-proven strategy of familial atmosphere and mental association with their patients.

Thank you. Svetlana.

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