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"Hold on fast to the wings of the clouds, you will arrive at the dawn of a beautiful day...”

IVF • Artificial insemination • Spermiogram

Does this sound familiar: The word child has been used in your home for some time, and you do everything to make it happen. So that two dashes light up during the pregnancy test. You say you wait a while, nothing happens, you have time. But next month nothing again, doubts come and even the initial stress. Months, sometimes years pass and you already know that there will be a problem somewhere and it is important to find out where.
Your journey to your baby begins and we will guide you through the various twists and turns that can lead to it.

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Initial consultation

Can’t satisfy your desire for a baby? Are you looking for help, advice, support? It is difficult to make the right decision In the tangle of stimuli and emotions, and not every source of information is trustworthy. Do not look for advice on social networks, your case is INDIVIDUAL, so it needs an individual approach.
Come and consult with our experts and take advantage of the initial consultation without long waiting terms!

Please contact us at or above phone numbers.

Donation programme

Within the treatment of infertility, this Sanatorium provides its clients with comprehensive treatment and care, of which the donation programme is its integral part. Its goal is to provide the donated gametes (oocytes and sperms) to couples that do not have them at their disposal, i.e. to those who could never have their own child without donation. We dispose of an extensive and immediately available database of sperm, oocyte, and embryo donors/donatrices, therefore we are able to begin treatment of the applicants practically without waiting. Do you want to help infertile couples? How to become a donor/donatrix? Read more in the “Treatment of Infertility“ page.

Struggling to get pregnant?

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Occurrence of infertility

2% to 10% of couples are unable to conceive a child in a natural way, and another 10% to 25% are unable to conceive another child.

Infertility diagnostics

The aim of the examination is to discover the cause of infertility and the subsequent choice of adequate treatment. Both of the partners shall be examined in every case.

Treatment of infertility

The treatment method shall be determined by the cause established. Infertility shall be treated by medication, surgery, or by some of the assisted reproduction methods.