The method (microfluid sperm selection) is based on the principle of natural sperm selection when passing through microbarriers imitating the natural environment of the female reproductive system (fallopian tubes). Selected sperm have better morphology, genetic quality and their vitality and motility levels are doubled. Proven to increase cycle success by up to 25%.

It is a gentle alternative to standard sperm processing that does not require any previous sample processing or the use of equipment (e.g. centrifuges) that increase oxidative stress in sperm.

We recommend the procedure:

  • After repeated IUI failures
  • In case of a low fertilization rate of the egg using ICSI in the previous cycle
  • For recurrent miscarriages
  • After multiple embryo transfers without subsequent embryo implantation
  • In the case of low-quality embryos in previous IVF cycles

Smoking, a polluted environment, a man’s older age, the use of certain medications, an incorrect lifestyle, but also various inflammatory diseases have a negative effect on sperm damage.