Out-patient collection of female sex cells – ova (oocytes)

This is a performance in a short intravenous total anaesthesia by a special puncture needle inserted through the vaginal wall under the ultrasound control to the ovaries, from where the ova are sucked off. The performance takes an average of 10 minutes. Prior to the performance, the patient is hormone-stimulated by FSH in the injection form, which is the main regulator of follicular growth. Such treatment increases the likelihood of obtaining a greater number of high-quality ova in order to obtain multiple embryos suitable for subsequent embryo transfer. During anaesthesia and surgery, the patient is monitored by an anaesthesiologist, after the surgery she is monitored by the Sanatorium staff. The patient leaves the Sanatorium in about 3 hours after the performance.

In vitro fertilization (IVF – fertilization “in the tube”; out-of-body fertilization)..

This is most frequently performed when a woman has her ovaries damaged, also in cases of inexplicable infertility, or after a repeated failure of simpler methods of infertility treatment. The fraction of the highest-quality sperm from the ejaculate is added to the oocytes collected in the culture solution. The embryos that are formed after several days of cultivation will be transferred to the uterine cavity.