My name is Lenka.

I suffered a blow from my own life … but it served me right. Everything has turned out well and today, with my voice full of humility, I will say that only a few things in life are important, and of these, the most important ones need to be addressed at the very last moment. I will say this loudly to anyone who thinks and lives the way I did before … in a superficial, stylish and trendy way… may it just look good … I am almost 40, with a great “job” and any life benefits that have been given to me … I believed that had been my greatest life triumph. Until my husband and I started to be longing badly for the baby. My maternity instincts had begun echoing in me ever more loudly, so we intensified our efforts. After failures, for long months, nervousness and fear kept increasing. My husband smirked at every negative preg-test and kept telling me some encouraging phrases, but I knew he was worried like I was.

He simply assumed the role of a deliberate silencer.

It was difficult and unexpected for me, since I was a child of the Dame of Fortune, used to enjoying success in any field. A little pampered by my surroundings and my own ego … I could not concentrate on my job, I started making mistakes … The quarrels with my husband were taking place on a daily basis. My closest kin felt the cause of this change, and I was receiving some unsolicited advice on infertility on a daily basis.

Yes, I was even getting repeated recommendations to visit the reproduction centre, but I took it as my clear failure. This has not been written in my life scenario … I have not been planning things to turn out this way. So I started searching for all sorts of alternative ways, but without success. It was only when my psychologist began to slowly preparing me for a prospect how beautiful and full-fledged life my husband and I can live in even a childless relationship, something in me had suddenly resisted and …


From that moment on, things had taken full swing. My own awareness that we cannot help ourselves and that we belong in the hands of experts was probably the longest stretch of our pursuit of happiness. We have accepted the rest of it with humility, dedication, and trust, although it has not always been much pleasant. For the goal was the most exquisite and the most beautiful one may have. After an initial consultation with the SPLN, we got a clear idea of what was ahead of us, and then it was a struggle with time.

The initial examinations have shown that the problem is on “both fronts”, my husband’s bad spermiogram, and the obstruction of my ovaries did not come up with a simple solution, but we did not give it up and in a disciplined way we undertook all the actions and obeyed any recommendations of MUDr. Igor Lazar.

.After approval of the IVF application – it was in the nick of time – just before my 39th birthday, things took a swift turn and today we can rejoice that we succeeded at the first attempt what we even did not dare to hope for.

We are grateful to the SPLN’s team for their having had patience with us, for their having been under fire of our endless questions, and for their having brought my husband and me to our much longed for bundle of happiness.

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