Extract from the letter by Ms. Miriam:

… ever since I was a little girl, when asked what I wanted to become, I always replied – a mum. I had no idea at that time that it might not be that simple. I was fairly young when I got married to a slightly older partner, but we did not succeed for quite a time. My gynaecologist examined me but found no obvious cause. My husband had been avoiding the examination for a long time, and I was very angry with him when he kept explaining me his reasons for that.

The tension in the family increased when both sisters gave birth to beautiful and healthy children.

When my husband saw how worried I was feeling, he finally agreed that if I insisted on it, he would come with me for at least for a non-binding consultation with a specialist from the reproduction centre. So we went to the SPLN together. I was afraid of what it all may turn out like, because my husband was feeling very nervous. Finally, everything went quite smoothly. The atmosphere in the Sanatorium was pleasant, the doctor immediately received us and quietly talked to us. He was being so human and pleasant, even funny, that I could not recognize my husband, who was suddenly so open and chattering. The doctor explained to him that without his cooperation we would not move any further.

And when my husband looked over the desk on the wall where plenty of photos were hanging with the adorable babies born with the help of these experts, he no longer resisted, and on that same day he had the basic examination of the spermiogram made.

The results were not very encouraging, but at least we learned where the cause of our futile efforts was staying. The doctor explained to us what could be done in such cases and what the next step would be and let us decide. Of course, we went into it because it was clear that another wait for a miracle was just a waste of time. At home, we were still talking about everything and finally we went for it. I’m not saying that it was all nice; any time we recall today how my husband was administering me hormonal injections, we get a lot of laughing …

But we did come to know the price of this all, and now I’m not talking about the money, but about our little boy, whom I gave his name after his father to be rewarded and proud of himself that he found a way to overcome his own stubbornness and stupid prejudice.
We thank Dr. Igor Lazar, as well as the entire SPLN team, and I secretly hope we shall have a repeat…