My name is Alena.

My husband and I have a 4-year-old daughter whom we managed to conceive, as they say, at first blush, and in a natural way. Even though we were not planning to have another child, we later found out that our daughter would need a sibling. And not only she, we both were too tied to our daughter and too anxious as parents. The whole neighbourhood kept telling us we needed another baby, so we finally came to believe in what they were saying. But we did not succeed. I was a bit suspicious about it, because during the previous two years I had suffered from recurrent inflammation, the chlamydia infection, Candida Albicans was being repeatedly found in the smear.

So I was talking to my gynaecologist and she said flatly, I was wasting my time and recommended me to visit the SPLN Sanatorium.

I immediately ordered an initial consultation, where Dr. Lazar explained to me what examinations my husband and I had to take, how often I would have to undergo the examinations, what medications we would be taking, what our prospects were, as well as the possible risks and everything we should be prepared for. We were very pleased with the doctor’s approach and patience to answer all of our questions. We’ve learned something about it at home, but there is nothing more valuable than an expert’s explanation. The examinations confirmed tubal obstruction, so the application for the IVF cycle was immediately written to the insurance company. Following its approval, hormonal stimulation followed under a short protocol.

The USG follow-up scan showed that I had some nice follicles. Fortunately, even my husband’s spermiogram was good, so we believed it could be a success. On the day of our collection, my husband and I were both very nervous, but the staff were being very emphatic with us, and this helped us a lot. Finally, eight oocytes were obtained, out of which seven were suitable for fertilization. All of them were fertilized, and on the fifth day we came for the transfer of two, as they said, exemplary specimens of blastocysts. The rest of them had been frozen, so it cost us a little more money, but we had a kind of an insurance policy just in case it did not work well for the first time.

And finally it turned out that it had been a good investment, because the first transfer ended in failure, so we passed the thawed embryo transfer and, what can I tell you, a blue-eyed brat is lying here in his bed beside me and keeps disturbing me while I am writing. But how could I be angry with him?

Thanks to the entire SPLN team for helping us and for everything being even more cheerful at our home now.

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