Embryoscope (EmbryoScopeTM) is one of the most advanced types of time-lapse incubator that serves to cultivate and simultaneously monitor the embryonic development, from insemination to the transfer into the uterus. Currently, it is a significant assistant in dealing with infertility, which we also use in our SPLN.

On the embryoscope screen, a female patient’s dish with embryos may be seen. Thanks to continuous monitoring, they can be distinguished. Based on the quality of development, the embryologist shall by means of colours identify the embryos being monitored. The embryo most suitable for the transfer is marked green – transfer into the mother’s uterus. Blue embryos are suitable for freezing and red ones are those that do not develop, or are not suitable for transfer or freezing. The built-in camera records the progress of the division and development of each embryo. With this record, you may see exactly at what time the embryo cells have divided.

The embryoscope is a built-in three-gas incubator that ensures stable and accurate concentration of the gases used. It uses state-of-the-art digital technology to monitor the development of embryos and can create a natural environment close to that of the mother’s body under laboratory conditions. It does not just monitor the embryos, but also minimizes manipulating with them. Based on the evaluation and data collection during cultivation, the embryologist can select the most vivacious embryos for both transfer and freezing.

The price of this time-lapse cultivation is € 150 in our Sanatorium for Infertility Treatment.
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