Specialized ejaculate examinations

Halosperm G2 – Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test
By carrying out this supplementary test, we detect the presence of sperm with damaged (fragmented) DNA in the ejaculate. High sperm counts with such DNA damage are the cause of reduced sperm fertilization ability, as well as the cause of repeated spontaneous miscarriages.

Oxisperm – Oxidative Stress Test
Excessive oxidative stress affects male germ cells, it has a direct effect on male fertility (damage to the sperm membrane, thereby reducing their mobility and ability to fuse with the ovum – motility disorder, acrosome reaction activation, DNA damage in the sperm). Obesity, varicocele, urinary tract infections and higher age exert unfavourable influence on the occurrence of oxidative stress.

IgG test – Immunological Examination of Sperm
In some men, antibodies to their own sperm may be present in the ejaculate, which may affect the sperm’s ability to survive in the ejaculate and fertilize the ovum in a natural way.

Vitality Test
This test is only performed when only immobile sperm are present in the ejaculate, or when sperm motility is very low . This test is used to determine the presence of live sperm in the ejaculate.