MACS – magnetically activated sperm selection

This method serves for the separation of damaged forms (those apoptotic and with fragmented DNA) from healthy sperms. The sperms with the damaged DNA result in impaired ability to fertilize oocytes, irregular embryo division, stopping the embryo development, or may be one of the causes of repeated spontaneous miscarriages. The sperms with the damaged DNA are not normally distinguishable from normal sperms. To exclude the damaged sperm from the ejaculate sample, the new MACS® ART Annexin V system is used.

Before separation, the damaged apoptotic sperms are labelled with magnetic nanoparticles, and then are passed over a column where the apoptotic sperms are captured. Undamaged living sperms flow through the column and are collected for further use. The sperms prepared in this way can be used for all the assisted reproductive techniques (IUI, IVF, ICSI, PICS).

Selection of sperms by MACS® is recommended for the patients
• with idiopathic infertility
• of insufficient quality of the ejaculate
• with higher amounts of DNA breaks in the sperm
• when the embryo repeatedly ceases to develop
• with any repeated developmental breakthrough to the blastocyst stage
• with repeated miscarriages

Negative effects on the sperm damage include smoking, polluted environment, higher age, use of certain medical drugs, and various inflammatory diseases that increase the temperature of the testes.