In embryo transfer, we in our company Sanatorium for the Treatment of Infertility – SPLN spol. s r.o. use a special product called EmbryoGlue® (Vitrolife, Sweden), which demonstrably increases the number of pregnancies. EmbryoGlue® is a solution that mimics the inner environment of the uterus at the time of embryo implantation in the natural cycle. Simply put – EmbryoGlue® helps better embryo implantation in the uterus.

Is this method and its effectiveness with EmbryoGlue® validated?

The use of EmbryoGlue® significantly increases clinical pregnancy from 42% to 50% compared to patients using conventional or low-concentration hyaluronan culture medium.
The results are based on the meta-analysis of 13 publications included in the Cochrane review article, where more than 3,200 patients were followed. The analysis did not show any increase in abortion or other undesirable effects. The conclusion of the results evaluated by the authors is the significant positive effect of EmbryoGlue® on the level of Embryo implantation.

What EmbryoGlue contains:
EmbryoGlue contains all the nutrients and energy sources needed for optimal embryo development. It contains a high concentration of implantation-supporting hyaluronan, the main glycosaminoglycan present in follicular, oviductal, and uterine fluids. Physiological concentrations in these fluids provide a high viscosity environment in the oviduct and uterus.
Synthesis of hyaluronan increases dramatically on the day of implantation, and decreases to near basal level to the next day, indicating its importance for embryo implantation.

In the Sanatorium for the Treatment of Infertility – SPLN spol. s r.o., we recommend using EmbryoGlue® for embryo transfer. The EmbryoGlue® Award is available at PRICE LIST.