The pregnant mother’s genes also affect the baby from the donated oocyte

Many couples who cannot get pregnant spontaneously become parents through in vitro fertilization, IVF (using donor sperm or eggs). The heartbreak of infertility includes knowing for infertile women fo…Read more

21. February 2018

What is EmbryoGlue® or “tissue glue”?

In embryo transfer, we in our company Sanatorium for the Treatment of Infertility - SPLN spol. s r.o. use a special product called EmbryoGlue® (Vitrolife, Sweden), which demonstrably increases the num…Read more

25. January 2018

How about fertility/infertility of today´s men?

Fertility of the partner couple is conditional on the factors with both females and males. Therefore, it is important to diagnose both of the partners. In the diagnostics of male fertility, it is nece…Read more

28. November 2017

Approved criteria of the ČSAKI and SSAKI working groups for reproductive immunology – indications for examinations of immunological causes of fertility disturbances

INDICATIONS OF THE EXAMINATION OF THE COUPLE – STERILITY Sterility after the exclusion or resolving of other possible causes of sterility. The condition after two unsuccessful IVF cycles. In women and…Read more

20. October 2017

Practical recommendations for the management of the infertile couple for clinical practice from the perspective of andrologist/urologist approved by the Slovak Urological Society and the Slovak Sexological Society

Final recommendations A clinical examination of the man is the first examination of the man to reveal the causes of infertility The SPG examination shall be in accordance with the criteria and manual…Read more

10. October 2017

Consensus in the management of couples with fertility disturbances for clinical practice, approved by the Slovak Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Final recommendations In the first stimulation of ovulation, the recommended dose of Clomiphene Citrate is 50 – 100 mg for 5 days. If there is no growth of the dominant follicle in the first month, th…Read more

27. September 2017

Assisted reproduction covered by public health insurance

Health insurance companies reimburse the performances of assisted reproduction (the IVF-ET method) in accordance with the rules as laid down by Law Act No. 577/2004 Coll. on a range of health care und…Read more

25. August 2017


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